About Us


Our mission is to empower women by providing high-quality garments and shapewear that seamlessly blend comfort, effectiveness, and style. We are dedicated to emboldening women of all shapes and sizes, fostering confidence and pride in every individual. Our aim is to redefine the perception of femininity, showcasing it as a powerful and resilient force. We believe that by offering clothing that celebrates femininity without compromise, we enable women to embrace their strength and grace, affirming that femininity is indeed a superpower.


Alice Smith, a world-traveled vocalist for top EDM acts, sought confidence-boosting shapewear for stage performances. Disappointed by existing products rolling down and lacking support, she yearned for bold and effective shapewear. Frustrated with the market's limitations. Alice embarked on a mission to craft her ideal solution. Her relentless pursuit resulted in the creation of her first product, which quickly gained viral acclaim, birthing the brand ShapedX.



Our commitment at ShapedX is unwavering. While we've extended beyond shapewear, our dedication to delivering comfort, effectiveness, and style in every category remains resolute. Each garment, crafted by our in-house team, undergoes rigorous testing on real women to guarantee the utmost quality and performance. Our products embody a deep-rooted passion, not only for fashion but also for our planet and community. We're committed to minimizing packaging waste and crafting durable garments that withstand time, ensuring they're not destined for landfills. Our pledge is to create with love, for people and the planet, fostering a sustainable legacy for generations to come.


Our IMPACT at ShapedX extends beyond just fashion. Through our partnership with Dress for Success, we've significantly contributed to their San Francisco operations and donated over $170,000 worth of ShapedX products to women across the nation in 2023 alone. Additionally, we're committed to empowering underrepresented entrepreneurs by hosting virtual Kickstarter bootcamps and contributing to organizations dedicated to fostering equal opportunities for all. Our focus on making a positive difference goes hand in hand with our commitment to fashion, ensuring that our influence resonates not only through clothing but also through meaningful support and empowerment within our communities.